Posted by: yannaungoak | May 9, 2009


Funny, the electricity was out today for a couple of hours. I think it was because of the brief stormy weather we had in the afternoon, it was raining heavily and was ridiculously windy for about half an hour. The lights were out for so long I thought it’d last right into tomorrow. I was thinking we’d all be refugees in Burlington tomorrow huddled together suffering from the after effects of internet deprivation.

Kinda felt like home. Man, I’m going to have to get used to this all over again when I go back home in August. You know, heavy rain and power cuts. I don’t know how the electricity situation is like back home these days. The last time I was back, in January ’08, it was the same old, same old, 6-12 hours of electricity a day. And then there’s the rain. I’ll probably be back right smack in the middle of rainy season, which is awesome! In Vermont, it never rains heavily for more than half an hour, back home it goes on for literally days and days. Every year, around this time, the rains in Vermont usually remind me of home, especially right after it ends, and you get that distinctive “after rain smell“. It always reminds me of my childhood in Myanmar and Singapore simultaneously, it’s almost like the smell triggers a series of flashbacks that you don’t get with any other of the senses. I have this memory from kindergarten (or maybe it was preschool) in Yangon, when my mom was picking me up from school and I was in a little yellow raincoat. It’s funny how memory works, and how it builds a psychological sense of “being at home”, although most likely the majority of those memories are made up.

Well, anyways, back to work now, I don’t think the blackout was enough of an excuse to get an extension, which means I lost 6 precious hours of work (dear weather gods, this kind of crap during exam week is NOT COOL!), which means I should be heading to the store to buy some red bull.


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