Posted by: yannaungoak | May 14, 2009

Not Much Left

Exam week has been rolling along without allowing much room for breathing. I’m finally done with my exams, but there’s still other stuff left. I had two exams today, Algorithms in the morning and Intro to Political Philosophy in the evening. Judging from the desperate last minute cramming, I knew I wasn’t going to do well on any of them, but what the heck, I’m almost done, and I’ll know the grades by next week.  I’ll be very happy if I get something like a B average this semester, it was one of the toughest I’ve had. I still have 4 things on the to do list before the end of everything:

  1. A pile of grading for Physics 101
  2. Overdue homework for Algorithms
  3. Paper for Political Philosophy (Due Monday)
  4. Thesis defense (Tuesday afternoon)

I’ll probably be up tonight until I get the first two done. And I’ll probably keep going with getting the paper done, because its the only thing on the list that I’ll actually enjoy doing. After that, it’s gonna be time for some de-stressing, the thesis defense is more of a ritualistic thing, they don’t expect much. I’ll probably do some cooking and get started on the web project I’ve been planning to do for about a year now.

I was pretty bummed out and completely tired from the exams today but then got thinking about my trip at the end of the month to visit Ziggy. He’s at Illinois Wesleyan, so it’s pretty near Chicago. And so I was checking if there were any concerts happening in June, and guess what, it’s going to be friggin sweeeeeet!

Now here’s a metalhead’s dream come true (especially one who’s been stuck in VT and deprived for 4 years):

June 11: Mayhem, Marduk, Cephalic Carnage, Cattle Decapitation

This is going to be epic. Mayhem! The living legends! And the grind bands are top notch too! I’ve never been to a black metal show, so that’s going to be an awesome thing to see.

June 12: Isis, Pelican

Jumping to the other end of the tempo spectrum in the space of a day here. This is almost like going to a festival!

June 12: Threat Signal, The Agonist, Thy Will Be Done

Crap, why do they have to play on the same day as Isis. Now we have to choose. It’s either “okay” music plus this:


or awesome music but with bearded guys. Tough decision.

June 17: Dillinger Escape Plan

Ooooooh! Legends! These guys have been known to go crazy, as can be seen here:

So yeah, good times ahead. Good times.



  1. Come back to xanga! Congrats on your graduation!

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