Posted by: yannaungoak | May 20, 2009

Finally Done!

I just handed in the final copies of my thesis this morning. So I’m officially done!

The thesis defense yesterday was embarrasingly bad, I’m so glad they didn’t fail me for it. I was up the whole night before the defense writing a paper for another class, and I didn’t get good sleep on the days before that either. So I went in for the three hour long thesis defense with zero preparation and minimal sleep. And it was bad. It didn’t take 3 minutes before the profs started asking me questions that I had no idea how to answer. I would just freeze up for minutes at a time, and they would have to guide me through every single step of the answer, it was pathetic. I couldn’t even do simple algebra on the blackboard, and I forgot all the Physics I’ve ever learned, I couldn’t even remember the first law of thermodynamics, let alone any quantum or stat mech! It was that bad.

Well, apart from that anticlimatic end to my college career, I’m kinda feeling quite relaxed.


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