Posted by: yannaungoak | May 29, 2009

Trip to Buffalo

The sole reason we went up to Buffalo today was for this…

It’s pretty near the top of my personal hierarchy of American food. And the thing I love about it is that its one of those meals that you just keep eating until you can’t eat anymore. It’s an amazing experience, for about 45 minutes, its just you and the spicy, crunchy, tender wings… the whole world just fades into the background.

We got the wings at the Anchor bar, where the original recipe for Buffalo wings was invented in 1964. Here’s how it looks from the outside (any non-vegetarian visiting Buffalo should check it out):

I took a bunch of other photos, you can check them out on my flickr stream. One of the highlights was driving through Amish country, being an annoying tourist and treating them like zebras in the Serengeti:

And that’s pretty much it for today. I’m kinda sad that I’ll only be here for a few more days. I’ll miss Ashley and her whole family, and considering I’ll be literally half the world away, I can only hope we can meet up again some time in the not too distant future.


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