Posted by: yannaungoak | June 16, 2009

Last night in Bloomington

It’s my last night in Bloomington, IL, before going up to Chicago tomorrow and leaving for Vermont the day after. Tonight is Tuesday, so it’s wings night. 39 cents per wing. We’ve been going there every Tuesday since I got here. The wings here are also Buffalo wings but taste really different from the ones in the North-East. They’re less hot-sauce heavy and more peppery, I kinda like them more here actually.

So it’s wings and Diablo 2 for tonight. We started from scratch with new characters and finished the game on normal level last week and now we’re moving on  to nightmare level. Fun, fun, fun!

Since I’m leaving this town tomorrow, I’ll just add a medly of notes about Bloomington for this post. It’s a quiet little town that’s actually attached to another town called Normal, where there’s a huge state university. Bloomington, on the other hand, has Illinois Wesleyan University which is much smaller. The town itself has a nice old school feel to it. It’s kinda about the same size as Burlington, VT I think but instead of being saddled between a lake and some hills, you have the Midwestern staple of flat expanses of nothingness as far as the eye could see.

Downtown Bloomington has a ton of restaurants and general places to eat for a town its size. The only place we tried out was this hot dogs place called Boo Boo’s Dawg House. It’s got brilliant jumbo dogs with all kinds of stuff on them, and you can get a meal with fries and unlimited soda for around $4.50.

As a foreigner, I guess I don’t really have any claim to New England even though I’ve been there for four years, but towns set admidst rolling hills and placid lakes beat towns in the middle of vast fields of nothingness any day. I can’t even imagine growing up in a small Midwestern town. Being a city kid, I’ve always found it hard to imagine growing up in any kind of a small town, but a small town in the Midwest must be particularly harsh.



  1. Wings!!! It is (they are?) my favorite American food (given, of course, that it can be defined as American food)!

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