Posted by: yannaungoak | June 17, 2009

Dillinger Escape Plan live in Chicago

You can see the rest of the really bad photos I took from the show here.

One last night in Chicago to watch the Dillinger Escape Plan show. This time, we made sure we didn’t do anything stupid. Mapped out the venue on google maps. Bought tickets in advance. Made sure we got to Chicago hours before the show. We still didn’t have anywhere to sleep though, but that was after the show, and there’s always the 24 hour McDonald’s in town.

Before I came on this trip, I thought I’d be watching Mayhem, Marduk, Isis, Pelican, and a bunch of other bands but we ended up being able to come to this single show. Luckily it’s a really good band, everybody agrees DEP is one of the best live bands out there.

There were two other bands at the show that played before DEP. The first was called Knife the Glitter. They’re an instrumental trio that play some sort of technical experimental jazzy metal thing. They try to be all ironic and funny, with some sort of pre-recorded comical interlude between the songs. I didn’t like them too much. The second one was called The Number 12 Looks Like You. Another jazzy metalcore type thing, kinda like a crappier version of Between the Buried and Me. Didn’t like them either. It’s like, “Ooh, lets take a jazz song, put in some metal riffs here and there, and get some idiot to scream gibberish throughout the whole thing”. I only like a few overly jazzy and experimental heavy bands, like Psyopus and of course DEP. Lots of bands try it but end up sounding like crap.

Luckily, the Dillinger Escape Plan didn’t suck. They played a lot of songs that I didn’t know, a lot of them from their latest album. Some, like Milk Lizard were really catchy and I liked it once they started playing it. I also liked the one they did with the keyboards (pictured above), it’s the last song on their latest album I think. It’s really ambient sounding and I like anything that’s ambient that builds up towords the end. I’m very easy to please.

They also played some awesome old songs, including Come to Daddy, the Aphex Twin cover from their album with Mike Patton, which was sweet. And then of course other stuff like Sugar Coated Sour and Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants. They closed with Panasonic Youth and 43% Burnt, which was totally awesome. The whole band was crazy, the guitarists kept jumping around and spinning like crazy maniacs and this one time the guitarist jumped from like 12 feet in the air. My only complaint is that you can’t headbang to their music because they’re playing something different every 3 seconds.

That was the show. The rest of the really long night involved lots and lots of walking around in downtown Chicago and being completely freaked out about getting mugged. Luckily we were still intact in every which way when the sun rose and had a really amazing time goofing around for a second night in Chicago.



  1. wish i was there…

    I Just interviewed Ben From Dillinger, have a read if you get a couple of minutes…

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