Posted by: yannaungoak | June 29, 2009

Back to old habits

I’ve been officially back in Middlebury for two days now. I’ve got a sweet double all for myself in Battell. I’ll upload pictures once I get my new month’s worth of storage space on Flickr.

I’ve noticed I’ve quickly reverted back to my old antisocial and life wasting habits. Sleeping all day, being up all night without doing anything meaningful. I was all excited about the summer when I got back to Vermont last week but various stress inducing factors came up, and I started thinking about certain things in the past, and it started feeling like the last semester of senior year all over again, which is NOT good. The problem with working on campus (or going to school while living on campus) is that there’s no clear demarcation between working space and living space. You get up, walk five minutes to work and do your daily tasks, and especially if you’re doing something that involves working on your own time like a research assistant, it just feels like its one huge continuum of work. Weekends, nights, evenings, all get wasted just procrastinating and then you try to cram all your “actual work” into those last few hours before the final due date. Commuting from Burlington last week was nice in the sense that when you get back on that bus to go back home, it really felt like work was over and the rest of the time was “your own”.

Well anyways, I just wanted to remind myself to not get dragged into some sort of life wasting downward spiral again for these last few weeks that I’ll be working in the US. I have big plans for this summer, like always. I’ve been anxious to start new things and personal projects. Not being bound to a class schedule like before means I’m going to need alot of self motivation. If I had to take a bet, I’d say I’m just kidding myself with my big plans for self improvement. But that’s definitely not a healthy perspective. So, we’ll see.

Plans for the next few months? Well, I want to practice Chinese again, and I think I can definitely start picking it up again without much of a hassle, just need something like a hour a day of devotion revising stuff. And then the bigger plans. I’m also thinking about preparing for the GREs and also the ACCA exams for accounting. For the former, in case I want to apply to a graduate program later this year, and the latter, it’s going to come in handy for my work in Singapore. These three things are all non-essential, but it’ll definitely be something I’m aiming for.

And then my main project besides work this summer is the website. I’ve been working on it with the help of Ziggy for the last month but I really need to dig in and get things moving instead of half assing it along. I’ve started reading PHP books to really get the site to look nice and be functional, and hopefully by the end of this week it’ll be good enough for me to start putting it on Google ads and whatnot. I’m checking Google Analytics everyday like a crazy maniac anxious to get visitors, but obviously I have to start some publicising and advertising first. I’m planning to get hands on with it. I have Wednesdays and Fridays free every week so I’m hoping to go up to Burlington and distribute flyers and put them up at hippie Buddhist-curious type places there.

Well, I’ll check back about my progress on those lofty goals. Now, back to work, the night is still young.



  1. ha. how’s the weight project going

    • Yeah, I’ve been back on track since I got back from Chicago. I’ll update when I make some progress.

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