Posted by: yannaungoak | July 6, 2009

New Hard Drive

Look what I got in my mail today:

1 TB baby!  Now I can finally get my computer set up properly. Back up all the crap from my internal hard drive, and load up the 64 bit Windows 7 RC.

And for the rest of the summer, I’ll be in ur internetz, stealing ur TV showz…



  1. how much

    • 90. link. It was on discount last week.

      Oh, and btw, if you happen to pass by Sim Lim, can you check how much they are in sg?

  2. ahhh.. i’m pretty sure it’s far more Ex in sg. i think i saw one 350 GB external HDD (but the small one) for something like S$129, which is US$88, and i’d bought a 400 GB one for just US$70, like half a year ago.

    sim lim used to be one of the cheapest in the world, but i think now the cheapest computer stuff (and a lot of other stuff) in the world is found online in the US.

    so ya u got a good deal. although in my humble opinion, i prob would always go for the smaller more portable sort. 2 years ago i bought this 3.5″ external hdd and it’s just too many wires and quite inconvenient to bring around.

  3. i sign up to tigerdirect’s and eBay “daily deals” daily (spamming) emails. pretty good source of info on what prices ought to be like, if u can exercise restraint and not buy stuff whenever u like them.

    like that US$70 400 GB WD HDD i got through that ebay daily deal. Even now, more than 1/2 year later, the usual price hasn’t gotten that low.

    i also got wireless keyboard+mouse combo for $15

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