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This last week, I’ve been working non-stop on my web project, and now it’s finally ready for launch!

So, if you call yourself a friend of mine, please do your part and CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK!. Right Now!

If you want the full URL, here it is:

Put a link up on your blog, your facebook profile, your twitter, your gtalk/MSN/AIM status, your email signature, your favorite forums, anywhere you want. If you want to be all fancy and have banner links, don’t you worry, those will be made available in the coming week, I’m working hard on it!

We’ll also have printable posters ready in the coming week (if Ziggy gets his act together), so if you want to be extra nice to me and go around your town putting up posters, I’ll be extra happy! Please drop me a line (yannaungoak at gmail dot com) if you do put up posters though, I’ll have to make/buy you lunch if I get around to visiting your corner of the world.

So, what’s the website about, you ask?

When I was a young lad, in the golden era known as the 90’s, there was this series of amazing comic books published in Myanmar about the last 10 lives of the Buddha, also known as the last 10 Jataka tales. In each of these last ten lives, the Bodhisattva exemplifies a certain human quality, such as compasion, bravery, wisdom, etc, etc.

In Myanmar, these stories are an integral part of folklore, and every child learns about them while growing up, kinda like Bible stories in the West. So, for our generation, we had these stories in these wonderful comic books that have now become out of print. The last time I was visiting Myanmar (in Jan ’08), I scurried about the used bookstores in Yangon trying to find copies of the books because I really wanted to read them again. After about a week I almost gave up but somehow I got my hands on the address of the artist who drew the comics. His name is Kyaw Phyu San.

So, of course I went to pay him a visit, but when I reached there, I heard he had moved to another place, so I had to embark on a second round of artist hunting until at last I found him in this cramped little apartment in Kyaikasan. He still does comics full time and his specialty is religious comics. The guy is incredibly talented, and I’m sure you can see it right away when you visit the site.

And then I got the idea and permission from him to put all his Jataka comics online translated into English for the world to see. And finally after a year of goofing around, I’ve gotten around to making the website a reality.

The Jataka tales on the website will begin with the story of Mahosadha, the great sage. In this life, the Bodhisattva exemplified wisdom, and became a great general who defended his kingdom against incredible odds with his wit and cunning.

I still remember my mom reading me the story when I was about seven. I can still vividly remember some of the pictures in the book since that time. I was so engrossed in it. So, again, everyone, please visit the site, and tell everyone you know about it!

Oh! And of source, any feedback, comments, typos will be very appreciated.

Thanks everyone!


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