Posted by: yannaungoak | July 23, 2009

What to do? What to do?

Whee! Weekend! Well, sort of, I still have to work helpdesk on Saturday.

I’m really feeling like having a few cold beers, and getting some salmon for cheap DIY sashimi. And strangely today’s one of those days where I’m not feeling totally exhausted after my helpdesk shift. Usually I’ll probably start reading something on one of those comfy library couches and fall asleep for about five hours. But today I’m having a slight inkling of being productive.

List of things I can work on:

  1. My other job. Lots of coding, sitting around in computer lab waiting for Matlab to crunch numbers.
  2. Work on website, 130 pages of the Mahosadha book left to scan, translate, and photoshop.
  3. Read up on PHP so I can get started on making the GIS pollution map thingy for my other job.
  4. Finish reading Thant Myint-U’s book.
  5. Work on GRE.
  6. Format my computer.


I hate this permanent state of feeling like having a million things to do. I don’t think it’s going to go away anytime soon either.

Meh. Beer sounds good.



  1. May I enquire what kind of beer you are drinking these days Mr. Oak?

    • What, you’re going to buy me a case of my favorite beer in DC? I’m not picky dude, anything that’s not uber-cheap (i.e. beer pong quality) will do.

  2. You’ll be surprised at how it feels like to just sit and realize that there isn’t anything to do! Believe me, it’s no fun.

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