Posted by: yannaungoak | July 30, 2009

Heading to DC!

Wow! The final countdown begins. I’ll be in this country for a little over two more weeks now. I’m milking the last few weekends for all they’re worth by trying to visit friends. This weekend will be DC/Baltimore, meeting up with Lin, Zig and La Min, my old buddies from waaaaaay back. Next week, I’ll be in Boston to see Ashley for one last time, and I just found out a few days ago that Sneg was also working there, so that’ll be all fun and joy.

Right now I’m in the airport in Burlington, VT. Flight to DC leaves tomorrow so I’ll be sleeping here for the night! Another airport sleepover! Boy I love doing those. I’ve got a book, a movie, an old classic game and the entire world wide internet to keep me company.

It kinda just hit me a few days ago that I’m really going to have to leave the US for real now. I don’t know how soon I’ll start feeling nostalgic for this place. It’s weird how I start missing all the places I’ve been in once I leave for somewhere else. It’s usually the atmosphere and general ambiance more than anything else. For example, when I think of Singapore, I always remember the taxi rides across the island from the airport to where my family used to live, passing through all the high rise buildings nestled amongst the trees. And the rain, always the rain falling on the windows of the taxi.

And then there’s Scotland. Man, I would love to go back there again. Somewhere in my field of dreams is to one day go do this master’s degree in Edinburgh. I always think of the long walks back from concerts at random places, usually by myself, with my headphones on, usually around midnight, with the music and the streetlights and the Doppler effect from the occasional car passing by, quite a heady mix.

And now, I’ll be leaving the US. I was watching this video below the other day and all of a sudden felt a longing for the snow. A quiet morning drive, across quiet sleepy townscapes, with everything covered in white, and with a hot cup of coffee in hand. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ll start missing that in no time.

Notice how I have a thing for being on the road? Traveling, just going somewhere, but not all that excited about getting there. I don’t know if its the feeling of just having things pass by as you walk or drive through a landscape, its just something wonderful about that.



  1. We will miss you man. I’m glad I got to see you before you go. May be we will meet again in fish market of singapore to eat more crabs. Be well.

  2. Sure thing dude! Make sure you get your ass over to sg some time.

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