Posted by: yannaungoak | August 11, 2009

Weekend in Boston

At first I thought I’ll spend some time writing long posts about my trips for the last two weekends, but it seems that I don’t have much time to waste for these last couple of days that I’ll be in the US. I have a ton of stuff left to do for my supervisor for my research job, and I have to update, and of course the packing and the errands and the rest of the stuff. So these posts will be light on fluff and contemplation and analysis.

And so, last week, I went down to Boston to visit Ashley for one last time, she’s been working there for about a month now. She’s been having a hard time emotionally from the whole process of adjusting to professional life and some other stuff, so it was nice that I got a chance to be there to cheer her up a little. I also helped her move to a new apartment. Her old place was in a pretty sketchy neighborhood and really far from where she worked.

As usual, photos are up on flickr HERE.

One highlight was having lobster at an old Irish pub in the more historical parts of Boston, and it was pretty cheap too, $11 per lobster. Just look at the stuff…

And it tasted wonderful too, incredibly juicy and tender.

You might notice a theme with my posts about visiting my friends for the past two weekends: seafood as a substitute for the short duration of the trips.

Well, I don’t know how to say this, and I’ll probably never really be able to capture the experiences in words until maybe a year from now when I reminisce about all this, but somewhere in the back of my mind, I know I’ll cherish the time I spent with Ashley in Boston and my other friends in DC for years to come. It’ll be the subtle things that I’ll remember, the stupid conversations about nothing in particular, and other things that I can’t even think of in my current state of mind, all worried about finishing my work and packing for the trip home.

If these last two posts have been too corny, well, it’s just because I can’t convey all the things I’m feeling in an adequate way right now, and I just stumble into corny cliches when I try. So I guess I shouldn’t. This isn’t the last time I’ll be writing about these special places, or these special people that I hope I’ll never have to part with, even though I’m half the world away from them.

Ashley, Lin, Zig, La Min. I love you guys. And I’ll miss you more than anything.



  1. ” seafood as a substitute for the short duration of the trips” – It doesn’t take long to cook seafood, sometimes it is even better to serve raw… in the same way, I don’t think we needed days to gel when we meet old friends… it is as if we have just seen each other the day before at the tea-shop…
    It was so good to see you dude. I will really miss you and will be keeping in touch through your blog.

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