Posted by: yannaungoak | August 11, 2009

Weekend in DC

The last two weeks have been wonderful. Basically, I’ll leave Vermont on Thursday night, have a extended  four day weekend with my best friends and come back to work on Tuesday or Wednesday. It was also really quite sad because it’s my last chance to meet up with some of the closest friends in my life. I’ll have lots of memories to cherish for years to come, and hopefully somehow I’ll get to meet up with them again some time in the near future.

The first weekend, I spent in Washington DC with Lin, Zig and La Min, my old friends from Myanmar. I knew them since I was about eleven. It just so happend that all four of us could make it to DC at the time. Lin was doing an internship there for the summer, Zig was visiting his relatives in Baltimore, and La Min was working at his school in Gettysburg, which was nearby. Mugshots below.


It was just like old times, but one weekend was way too short to reconnect and reminisce with people that you haven’t met for years. I really wish I could have spent about a week or two, but I guess it’s a sad fact that all of us have less and less free time as our lives go on and we go our separate ways. We only had one day to spend with all four of us together. The rest of the time, Lin and I were the only two with lots of free time.

I’ve put all the photos I took from the trip on flickr HERE. I didn’t, however, bring the camera for the highlight of the trip, which was having crabs on the river bank at the Maine Avenue fish market. It was awesome! You buy the crabs by the bushel and they steam and season the crab for you right there, and you get to pick them apart in a delightfully barbaric manner. We must have each had at least 20 to 30 crabs. Here’s a video of the experience from the TV show Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

I was hoping to sit and waste away the afternoons lazily drinking beer, chatting and goofing off with my best friends but it so happened that all we could do was have a ton of crab. No bad. But I miss the good old days in Yangon when we had nothing to do with our lives and all the time in the world.



  1. We have less and less free time as we grow older man. It sucks. I love the Crab video. Lindsay has the crab pictures up on her facebook – the story of an escapee crab.. haha. Also you have very artistic hands as you devour the helpless crabs.

  2. Aww DC. You should have come earlier, before I left!

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