Posted by: yannaungoak | August 16, 2009

Goodbye America…

My flight leaves in three hours. First to Detriot, then Tokyo, then Singapore. I’ll be either in the air or waiting around at airports for the next 25 hours. Grrr…. I remember when I was young, I would get all fidgety and restless on short two hour flights. Now I somehow enjoy the quiet hum of the engines and the feeling of moving through the air.

I’m feeling strangely normal now. As if its just another day. The whole “new chapter of my life” thing hasn’t really sunk it yet. But it’s going to be exciting. I have lots of things planned for the next few months, lots to keep me occupied.

Last night I was sleeping at the airport in Burlington and had to order Dominos pizza because all the airport restaurants were closed. It was the first time I had Dominos pizza, after four years in this country! One thing about living in a small college town in rural Vermont is that you don’t even get to experience the regular America that everybody else does. They really like keeping things old school here in Vermont. We have something like 6 Starbucks and 3 Walmarts in the entire state.

Four years ago, I was at this same airport waiting to be picked up to go to my college for the first time. I remember feeling totally displaced. The rural setting, the jet lag, the people, the huge cars, everything was different from what I knew before. I remember the first conversation I had with somebody from here, the taxi driver, who was very typically American, big guy with a mustache and a hearty smile. I felt like I was in an episode of the Simpsons.

Well, good thing this time is that I’ll be going back to some place familiar, although I heard a lot has changed since I visited Singapore three years  ago. Lots of new construction apparently. And a new line on the metro (or MRT as they call it). Even the shape of the island itself!

So, goodbye to America and hello to Singapore. It should be a fun ride.



  1. ohhh I want that pizza so badly… 😥

    oh and it’s two walmarts, btw… rutland and burlington, the only two cities in the state 😉

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