Posted by: yannaungoak | September 30, 2009

Winter is Coming!

I was just randomly looking online to see what’s been up with the Song of Ice and Fire TV series that is going to be made by HBO, and guess what…

They’re going to start shooting it in October!! And they’ve done most of the casting!! Very nice!

First of all, the Song of Ice and Fire is my favorite fantasy series, and ever since they announced about two years ago that it was being made into a TV series by HBO and the BBC, I knew it was going to be epic, like seriously proper epic. Like most people, I’m a HUGE fan of HBO original series. Rome, Sopranos, Taken, House of Saddam, basically everything I’ve watched. This series is way too long and complex to be made into a movie series, so a TV series is the only way to go, but not just any old TV series, it’s going to be a HBO/BBC series! Which of course means brilliant acting, great scripting, attention to little details, etc, etc. And of course no holds barred blood, sex and violence (all done right of course!)… This is just going to be amazing.

If you’re not already a fan, the (book) series itself is set in a gritty, realistic, medieval fantasy setting. But unlike the usual fantasy fare with dwarves, orcs, elves and magic spells cast every few seconds, this series mostly contain only humans. It’s all about power politics in a feudal kingdom. Actually, the author based the story on an actual historical period in England, namely the War of the Roses. The magic, monsters and dragons are only peripheral, but are important to the plot in general. It’s always lurking somewhere in the background, reminding you from time to time that you actually ARE reading a fantasy novel. And it’s brutal. People die. Nobody is spared. Once I stopped reading in the middle of one of the books for about a month because the author killed off 80% of the characters I cared about.

Right now there are four books out, and the total series is going to consist of at least seven books I think. I think the TV series is going to cover one book for each season (and you thought Harry Potter movies were long). This means it better not be canceled any time soon, or it will be one epic fail.

The casting is wicked. Right now, they’ve only done it for the first few episodes, and there’s a mix of big names with some others who I haven’t heard of. And in the first book most of the Stark children are still kids, so the main characters (well, that’s a misnomer because there’s dozens of “main” characters) will probably get cast with older actors only in the later seasons.

I got the photos from google, all the portraits are taken from

Sean Bean, or Boromir from LOTR, as Ned Stark:

Ned Stark

Jennifer Ehle from BBC’s Pride and Prejudice as Catelyn Stark:

Catelyn Stark

Mark Addy from The Full Monty as Robert Baratheon:

Robert Baratheon

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, some random Danish guy, as Jaime Lannister (I thought at first he was the guy who played Two-Face in the Dark Knight):

Jaime Lannister

Peter Dinklage, who was the dwarf author from the Will Farrel movie “Elf“, and the dwarf from the Chronicles of Narnia movies, as Tyrion (who’s everybody’s favorite character in the books):


Tamzin Merchant, who’s apparently an actress in the other version of Pride and Prejudice, as Daenerys (my favorite!):

Daenerys Targaryen

And I saved the best for last. Queen Cersi is going to be played by… Leana Headey! From 300 and Sarah Connor Chronicles! Holy *%&#@!!! OH MY GOD! This is going to be awesome! Tehehehe…

Cersi Lannister

Ok, I’ll just go sit in the corner and revel in my fanboyish geeky fantasies for now. See y’alls later, I actually have more serious stuff I’ve been wanting to write about.



  1. “the other pride and prejudice” as though there are only two? Well, only two good ones, but still… c’mon. And to say she was “an actress”…. at least give her credit as Georgiana Darcy… simply marvelous job that she did.

    and yes, I did in fact think…. “gag me with a spoon!”


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