Posted by: yannaungoak | October 9, 2009

Just Needed to Rant

First, Al Gore, and now…

Obama? WTF!!?

Now I can write a how-to book for winning the Nobel Peace prize, here’s your two options:

1) Rot in some prison for 20 years fighting for justice, risking your life, jettisoning your family, holding on to a vague figment of hope and that the “arc of the universe bends towards justice” in Dr. King’s immortal words

2) Join the US Democratic party and make all the people in the media rave about you (try not to have an affair while in the process)

To all the liberal politicians and public intellectuals in the US: I’m sure you are pleased to know that you can rest assured that you can go on merrily alienating the bulk of the population, losing elections and whatever else. The Swedes got your retirement already taken care of.



  1. I’m bummed as well. Only after approx 9 months in White house. Too convenient. Appears more like a Hollywood stunt, only happening in politics. Last time I heard about getting rid of all nukes, it was from Superman. What happened to the actor is history.

  2. Check out what American Mondays have to say here:

    Just gotta love the American Mondays, “He’s gone overseas!”

  3. If there is a “like” button (like the one on facebook), I’d have already pressed.

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