Posted by: yannaungoak | October 19, 2009

The Internet is for Rants

My Google Reader fills up quickly with unread RSS feeds because I’m lazy and don’t bother to read them. But all too often it’ll be posts about someone’s opinion of some other person’s opinion of this one guy’s rant about somebody else’s blog post about a touchy issue.

While I don’t have such a convoluted example to share with you right now, I thought the following cases were typical:

Android Central vs. The iPhone Blog:

So, Verizon started airing the ad below last week or something:

Immediately, the iPhone Blog (and probably countless other blogs) writes a post saying it’s all utter hogwash, and it’s just some lame attempt to defame their beloved iPhone.

And of course, the cheerleaders on the other side all do their little posts about how the ads are awesome, witty and smart and everything else. It was all like, in the little Apple font, and had some indie song in the background (just like real Apple ads!).

And then, of course, a war starts, where one party attempts to prove to be the superior through showy displays of their intimate knowledge of pop culture. Apparently, the folks from the iPhone Blog have found that contrary to what one might think, Verizon’s “iDoesn’t” ads aren’t all that original:

20 years before there was Verizon’s iPhone iDoesn’t… and Droid does campaign, there was Sega Does and Nintendon’t.

Yeah, take that! Android people! You think you’re all hip and cool, but you just ripped off some ad campaign from the 80’s. And of course, that means you lose all credibility and respectability. And, after all, I mean, what kind of ethically depraved person bashes their competitors with cheeky ads like that?

Paul Krugman vs. Steven Levitt

Now, this is fun, because they both write for the same newspaper.

So, everyone’s favorite Economics popularizer, Steven Levitt, of “Freakonomics” fame, is coming out with a new book, called “Superfreakonomics“. Here’s the cover:


Of course, armed with the conscience of a liberal, Krugman writes:

Uh oh. I trust Joe Romm on climate — and his verdict on Superfreakonomics is pretty damning. I’ll get to work on the book myself, but it doesn’t look good.

Levitt goes all, “oh crap, why can’t they wait until they’ve actually read what I wrote”:

SuperFreakonomics isn’t even on sale yet, and the attacks on our chapter about global warming are already underway.

Krugman reads it! Gets all trigger happy and replies with a post after just reading five pages:

OK, I’m working my way through the climate chapter — and the first five pages, by themselves, are enough to discredit the whole thing.

Levitt’s coauthor resorts to questioning the nature of science and knowledge (okay, maybe not that severe):

They have given the impression that we are global-warming deniers of the worst sort, and that our analysis of the issue is ideological and unscientific.

And so the story goes. The political/economics blogs are still abuzz with the ongoing dispute.

So the moral of the story is: don’t insult people who believe (or do not believe) in Global Warming and don’t insult people who believe (or do not believe) iPhones are cool. Unless of course you want more visitors to your website (read: more Ad revenue).



  1. fyi your biggest tag is rant.

    hahaha. 🙂

  2. My point exactly!


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