Posted by: yannaungoak | October 22, 2009

Food and Social Media

Ma Moe came by the other day to Peninsula and asked me to come down to eat dinner with her and her friend. I was like, “er… ok”. Turns out her friend’s a pro blogger. Kevin from He’s an expert on social media and is currently finishing his doctorate from SUNY Buffalo in Communications or something. So yeah, cool guy.

Anyways, we went to Inlay restaurant at the basement of Peninsula to introduce Kevin to Burmese food! And he actually took a video of it and put it on Youtube! So, here’s a little introduction to Burmese food for all you foreigners who read this and a rub in the face for all you homesick Burmese folks abroad:

And yesterday, we went to see Kevin give a talk on Social media at this cool joint called the Zsofi’s Tapas Bar somewhere in Little India. The place was near my house (again! Proof that I live in a cool neighborhood!), and had this open air roof on top an old shop house, it felt just like downtown back home in Yangon, except of course I don’t know of any shop houses converted into bars with open roofs back home.

Anyways, the talk was really cool, you can see all the slides from the presentation here. It was something of an information overload though, but I guess the take home message (at least for me) was simply this: Get on Twitter! Ma Moe was also there, and she was also bullying me into getting on Twitter. So I decided to start. As you can probably see, I changed the theme for my blog, and that’s because I’ve got a new Twitter widget on the right column (go take a look!), and the old theme’s Twitter widget was a piece of crap.

I’m at

How do you like the new theme anyways? I hate the tiny font but I can’t change it unless I get a paid account on WordPress. For now, just Ctrl++ if you can’t see.

And on a not entirely unrelated note, I was hungry that night and was craving specifically for KFC. It was really late though, so all the shops were closed. So I settled for the fried chicken from a Singaporean food court. Man, it was AMAZING! I hadn’t tasted such perfect french fries in a loooong time!




  1. hmmm… apparently he was quite convincing with his argument for twitter, and yet you don’t let us know why you were so convinced…. o_O

    • No it was more because Ma Moe was bullying me.

    • Well, ok, I’ve been thinking avout starting twitter for a while so I can post stuff about nebulous thoughts on the go. Kevin’s talk itself was more about the benefits of twitter for companies and organizafions

  2. hmmmHMM
    having good times eh.
    but it doesnt look at all to me like the weight project is on track

  3. LMAO… YM is still on you?! What a great friend you have 🙂


  4. Yes, I am eternally grateful. Now I am motivated to go buy a weighing scale.

  5. psssst… btw, you abuse twitter. you need something in between a blog and twitter, I think… a stream of “what Yan thinks is cool”……

    • Oh pshaw! Well the twitter police haven’t come to arrest me for said abuse.

  6. ooh try this one. was neighbours with my mother’s family back in like the 1950’s. and i go there a few times each summer.
    my father just emiled me this businesstimes review

  7. I don’t know if it is still there but there is a Chinese restaurant that only serves frog behind OG in Chinatown. It’s one of my fave spots. You should check it out.

  8. You had a hair cut! That’s so mental! The last time I saw you, you had long hair! Wow.

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