I did my undergraduate studies in America, at a small liberal arts college in Middlebury, Vermont. Now that it’s over, I’m heading back to where I’m from. I’m Burmese, born and raised in Yangon, but spent a significant portion of my life in Singapore. This is a chronicle of my journey home, and all the wondrous things I find along the way.

I’ll blog mainly about books, music, culture, technology, religion, food and other stuff that entices a twenty-something’s senses.

The name of this blog is taken from one of Paul Graham’s essays.

Feel free to drop me a line at yannaungoak_at_gmail.com



  1. Hi I just moved to Yangon and reading as much as I can about Myanmar. Really liked your overview of the elections. Where do you live now? bw,

    • Hi! Thanks for reading my blog! I haven’t updated in so long by I’m hoping to do more blogging next year. I’m in Singapore right now. How you’re enjoying Myanmar! 🙂 If you’re on twitter I’m @yanoak

      • Hi thanks for the reply. Just added you on Twitter! Just arrived here but finding Yangon good so far. Be in touch!

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