buddhistmythology_frontpage_01 is a project to bring traditional Burmese Buddhist pop-art and comics onto the web.

Myanmar (Burma) is a country with a deeply ingrained Theravada Buddhist culture. Ninety percent of the population are Buddhists, and the nation is a treasure trove of Buddhist art.

This website focuses on the mythological stories that form a cornerstone of the religion. The stories held with highest regard are the life of the Buddha, and the stories of his previous lives, know as the Jataka tales. On this website, you can find the story of the life of the Buddha as portrayed by artist Kyaw Myint. And the graphic novels of Burmese artist Kyaw Phyu San vividly portray the ten final lives that the Buddha lived before attaining enlightenment. In each of these last ten lives, the Bodhisattva exemplifies a certain human quality, such as compasion, bravery, wisdom, etc, etc. Beginning with the story of Mahosadha, the clever sage, we will be updating the stories page by page until we cover all ten of the final Jataka tales. is updated five days a week, from Monday to Friday.

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