Posted by: yannaungoak | October 3, 2010

Shows! Shows! Shows!

So, I’m back from spending a week in Myanmar followed by a grueling week of mid-terms. Mid-terms did not go well, despite my spending almost the entire time I was back home with eyes glued to textbooks. Anyways, I’ll have another update about my trip back home pretty soon.

Anyways, tonight I was just randomly searching on Youtube to see if there were videos of shows I went to see in Singapore, and boy was I pleasantly surprised! These Singaporeans with their hi-tech gadgets and their kiasu-ness have recorded pretty much every single show I’ve been to this year with international bands. And unlike usual bootleg concert footage, the sound and video quality is amazing.

Heaven Shall Burn – This is the latest show I’ve seen, it was about a month ago. It was at this really small studio at Fort Canning and there was only about a hundred people. It was pretty amazing, well, I wouldn’t expect any less from these guys. And definitely the heaviest band I’ve seen this year.

Heaven Shall Burn – Endzeit (live in Singapore @ White Studio, Fort Canning Park)

King Ly Chee – These guys came to play for this huge (kinda, by SG standards) festival of regional for indie bands at the Esplanade called Baybeats. It had like three stages, right by the waterfront, and best of all, it was free. There were all these punks in mohawks and leather jackets walking around near confused/excited tourists who just happen to pass by the touristy place while taking photos. Really happy that I caught these guys, I’ve been a fan since I was a teenager. The song in the video is their cover of this Chinese punk band called SMZB, who are apparently one of China’s earliest punk bands.

King Ly Chee – Scream for Life (live in Singapore @ Baybeats 2010)

Slash + Coheed and Cambria – This one’s is my favorite show this year. I went there just excited about Coheed and Cambria but Slash was just awesome! The vocalist for his live band is Myles Kennedy, who’s from Alter Bridge, and man, can the dude sing! They played a ton of the old Guns N’ Roses songs, and a couple of Velvet Revolver songs plus a bunch from Slash’s new solo album. It was so much fun. Coheed and Cambria was good but they played a whole bunch of songs from their latest album (which I haven’t listened to) and random selections from the old ones, I was hoping they’d play The Crowing or In Keeping the Secrets of Silent Earth, but I guess they didn’t want to play many 8 minute songs.

Coheed and Cambria – Welcome Home (live in Singapore @ Fort Canning Park)

Slash (with Myles Kennedy) – Sweet Child of Mine (live in Singapore @ Fort Canning Park)

Smashing Pumpkins – I paid overpriced tickets for this festival they have here called Singfest (which is mostly big-name pop, hip-hop and pop-rock stuff), and was not really into the rest of the bands that night, but Smashing Pumpkins definitely made my night.

Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, Tonight (live in Singapore @ Singfest 2010)

Rise Against + Muse – I don’t listen to Muse much but they played an epic show, they’re just super-talented and the theatrics were crazy, there were all these lasers and huge screens and giant balloons bouncing around. Rise Against weren’t too shabby either, they’re always great to scream along to.

Rise Against – Savior (live in Singapore @ Big Night Out 2010)

Muse – Undisclosed Desires (live in Singapore @ Big Night Out 2010)

So, that’s all folks. There’s only  one more show coming up for me this year, HATEBREEEED! Yeah! That one’s in November and it’s going to be epic!


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